YouTube Rolling Non-Skippable Ads to all Channels

If you are such that love to watch YouTube videos, beginning from next week, you might be unable to skip ads to the video you want to watch.

YouTube has announced that it will start rolling out non-skippable advert options to all channels which monetise their videos.
For users, this means you are very likely to come across more adverts which cannot be skipped so you can watch the content you have selected.
YouTube first made the feature available to a select few as an experimental option. Now, the company says it’s releasing it to everyone in the YouTube Partner Program, so creators can get the chance to earn more money.
According to a Google Help page, the max video length for non-skippable ads is 15 to 20 seconds.
This is still longer than the typical 5-second “mandatory watch” period of skippable adverts, however, which many users are accustomed to seeing.
This feature will be auto activated for YouTube Channel created and same applies to their previous upload.

This means that YouTube Channel owners will make more money via this compulsory, ‘must watch’, advert from google.

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