Things in Common Label Coming Soon to Facebook

To all Facebook lovers, Facebook is testing a new feature dubbed “things in common”. The company wants more people to discover things they have in common with the other 2 billion people on its social network.

The new feature ‘things in common’ will appear in comment.

How it Works
When you read through a public conversation — like on a brand or publisher page — Facebook will highlight things you have in common with non-friends who have left comments. So, under someone’s name, you might see a label that says “You both went to the University of Lagos,” or that you’re both from FCT Abuja.

Facebook says only information that people have made publicly available will be able to show up in “things in common” labels. The feature will also adhere to people’s audience and privacy settings.
“Knowing shared things in common helps people connect,”
So, if you wouldn’t be able to see someone’s current city, you wouldn’t be able to see it in a “things in common” label. For now, there’s no way to turn the label off.
The feature is still undergoing test and soon it will be rolled out to users.

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