How to Download WhatsApp Story Videos and Images

Lots of people have been asking me on how to save WhatsApp story images/videos from status of their friends but don’t know how to.
WhatsApp Status, just like Snapchat and Facebook status allows you to share public content with all of your WhatsApp contacts, either through videos, photos or text.
The premise of WhatsApp Status is much the same as traditional ‘story’ which is you can share a picture or video with your contacts for 24 hours, after which the picture or video will disappear.
Most times, you ask your friends to send you a particular funny video display on their status but some will refuse, some will pretend not to see your message because the video is exclusively to them. The same thing is applicable to Instagram Videos.
But today, take a seat with a pack of popcorn because I’m about to burst their bubble.

How Can I Download Videos From WhatsApp Status or Stories?

So I’ve been using this app for a while and I thought it wise to share it with you.
Status Saver: It is a simple applications for Android that allows you to save story images and videos shared by your contacts as status on WhatsApp. It is easy to use with just a simple click of a button.

How to Use WhatsApp Story Saver?

–>Click on new tab to see recent stories

Open Photo or video story you want to save

–>Click on download icon and you are good to go.
Whenever you want to get new status videos or images of your friend, just click on new videos or images open the one you wish to save–>Repeat the process above and you are good to go.

Where Can I Download The App?

You can download Status Saver here
Install it and you’ll see all the videos/ image statuses of your friends


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