Computer Tips


v  Keep Your Computer Up-To-Date With The Latest Software Updates And Security Patches.

v  Install Reputable Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Software And Run Regular Scans.

v  Keep Your Files Organized And Regularly Backup Important Data To Prevent Loss.

v  Clear Out Unnecessary Files And Programs To Free Up Space And Improve Performance.

v  Use Strong And Unique Passwords, And Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Added Security.

v  Be Wary of Suspicious Emails, Attachments, And Links, And Don't Open Them If You're Unsure Of Their Origin.

v  Use A VPN When Connecting To Public Wi-Fi Networks To Protect Your Online Privacy.

v  Consider Using A Password Manager To Securely Store And Manage All Your Login Credentials.

v  Optimize Your Computer's Power Settings To Conserve Energy And Reduce Electricity Costs.

v  Learn Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow And Save Time.

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