Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2020 ( iPhone & Android Confirmed)



Ø  SIM: 2 Glo 3G/4G SIM.

Ø  Tariff: Any.

Ø  Eligibility: Any SIM.


Please make sure you follow this guide exactly how it was written, a slight mistake would make yours not work and we shouldn't be asked questions if there is an alternative method. Kindly make sure you ask your questions at the end of this post if a section is confusing, below contains the full guide.

1. Get two Glo Sim Cards. (SIM A & SIM B).

2. Subscribe to Glo Night Plan 12AM-5AM on (SIM A).

3. Share the Night Plan Data from (SIM A to SIM B).

- To share data just dial *127*01*[number]#.
- Make sure there is no active data or bonus on (SIM B)


4. Turn on the Data Connection on (SIM B) and browse, but don't finish the shared data.

- Turn off background apps so you don't mistakenly finish it.

- Or on (SIM B), turn off the data till 4:58AM which you should turn back on if you are battery cautious.


5. Make sure your internet connection is turned on before 5AM.


6. Once 5AM has been reached, the Night Bundle on (SIM B) will not be touched and you can browse unlimitedly and free.

Note: But for this to be unlimited continuously throughout the day, you MUST NOT TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. If you turn off your mobile data, it will not turn on again. [Wahala for who no get good battery


This seems long right? It's worth it since it's unlimited and free! Make sure you enjoy it while it lasts as I believe it will take a while before Glo gets this glitch fixed. Share this so your friends will be aware before it's blocked.

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