Opera Partners With MTN to Introduce New Affordable Data Plans

MTN and Opera have partnered together to introduce affordable new data plans to Opera Mini and Opera users, following the free 50MB daily promo to access OPay, Opera Mini, and Opera News app. I’m you all enjoyed it.

Well, new plans have been introduced tailored to help you save money and your mobile data. The data plans allow you to browse more with Opera Mini and Opera News while saving money on mobile data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The Opera data plans have been designed to give you the same amount of MBs you regularly buy but at less cost. This means you get more value for your money when you purchase an Opera and MTN data plan.
You can get 300MB for N100, 100MB for N50, and N25MB for N20. Opera believes that since its app comes with built-in data-saving capabilities, the new data plans will be almost unlimited for you.

  1. DIAL/CALL *131*3# from your phone
  2. In the pop-up menu, CHOOSE option 9 – Opera Mini & News
  3. SELECT your choice of plan, 1 – Daily, 2  Weekly, or 3  Monthly
You can also send a direct SMS to 131 with the following keywords to purchase your plans:
  1. SEND an SMS with “OBD” for a daily 25MB plan for 20N to 131
  2. SEND an SMS with “OBW” for a weekly 100MB plan for 50N to 131
  3. SEND an SMS with “OBM” for a monthly 300MB plan for 100N to 131
You should receive a confirmation message once your purchase is complete that your desired plan is now active.

25 MB for N20, valid for 1 day
100 MB for N50, valid for 7 days
300 MB for N100, valid for 30 days
Note, you can’t stream with it, you can only browse with the said data plans.
If you simply want to manage your data and money, Opera mini is here for the rescue.

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