WhatsApp dark mode is closer than you think

It appears the much awaited dark mode for WhatsApp is about to be completed according to the latest report from tipster WAbetainfo.
The latest beta version of the app (version 2.19.282) includes information regarding the platform’s upcoming “Dark Theme” feature.
Once implemented, this feature will be accessible through a new section under WhatsApp’s Settings menu titled Theme Settings.
                                                                      Image Credit: Wabetainfo
From within the Theme Settings menu, WhatsApp users will be able to choose between three options: Light Theme, Dark Theme, and System Default.
The Light Theme is the standard WhatsApp colour scheme currently used in the application, while the Dark Theme adopts blue and black night colors instead.
When System Default is selected, WhatsApp will automatically detect which theme is used by your Android operating system and set the same theme within the application.
Dark theme option is currently being worked on and no particular time frame of when it will be completed and rolled out. Dark mode is one of the anticipated major update WhatsApp users across the globe are waiting for, and at this time everyone is tired and almost giving up on it.

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