StumbleUpon Shutdown After 16years

After 16 years online StumbleUpon, a social sharing platform that predated both Facebook and Twitter, has officially closed its doors.
StumbleUpon was a discovery and advertisement engine (a form of web search engine) that pushed recommends of web content to its users.

The platform, which started in a pre-social media age, was designed to help people find an interesting website with a single click. Unfortunately, times have changed, and so Stumble Upon will die in order for its successor, Mix, to survive.

According to co-founder Garrett Camp, who also co-founded Uber, since its inception in 2001 StumbleUpon served 60 billion “stumbles” to over 40 million users.
Today is the last day to hit that Stumble button. Thank you to our dear Stumblers for joining us in internet history. We hope you find your next home with us at Mix. #MovetoMix @getmixapp
Ø StumbleUpon (@StumbleUpon) June 30, 2018
According to Camp, will “combine social and semantic personalization into one streamlined experience.”

If you are a loyal Stumble upon user, you’ll be able to import your account to Mix.

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