Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro – Recover Any Deleted or Lost Files

Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro – Recover Any Deleted or Lost Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is a data recovery program designed to find lost or deleted files from both internal and external hard drives and recover them to a usable state. The program is super easy to use, with a clean user interface and clear instructions.
EaseUs Data recovery will help you retrieve lost or deleted files, photos, music, audio, emails, videos etc. from the hard drive, memory card, USB, digital camera, mobile devices and other storage media.
In my case, I deleted a batch of files from a 2GB USB flash drive and a 500GB external hard drive. The test files included a variety of different formats including documents, photos, and videos. To spice things up a bit, I also formatted both storage devices.

Amazingly, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro was able to find all the deleted test files and fully recover them.
In the event you have a computer that’s completely crashed and won’t load your operating system, EaseUS Data Recovery has a version that can be launched from bootable media to recover data you otherwise couldn’t access.
There is also a technician version made for commercial use, so you can help clients recover their data. All versions come with lifetime updates and upgrades from the developer.

Features of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard pro

Simplicity: It is simple to use for any user, whether you’re an IT manager or someone who has never used data recovery software.
You can easily undelete files from hard drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile devices and any other storage media.
Even a novice can make use of the software.

Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe to use. Every file accessed and recovered stays on your devices; no one else will see them except for you.

Who Should Use EaseUS Data Recovery?

Everybody should have it installed on their PC including students, IT professionals, and anyone who have access to a device.

Is The Software Free?

No. But you can get a trial version that will help you recover maximum of 2GB of files. You can preview the rest of the files once you reach the 2GB limit, but you won’t be able to restore them. For anything beyond 2GB, you’ll have to purchase the software.

EeseUS Data Recovery Wizard pro Pricing?

The Pro version is priced at $69.95

Download and Installation Guide

1.     Download the software and install it on your PC

2. Connect the drive you want to recover data from to your computer.

3. Launch the program (if it’s not already running) and allow it to scan your system for connected drives

4. Select the drive you want to recover files from and watch while it performs its scan (quick and deep scan).

5. Select the files you wish to recover. And hit the recover button

6. Browse the folder you will like to store your recovered doc

7. Once you are done with your recovery, you’ll get a success message.
1. The program is very intuitive and simple to use.
2. It recovered all files deleted from my 500GB hard drive and USB flash drive
3. Quick and Deep Scanning
4. Free download
1. No free recovery option for free users once you exceed the free 2GB limit available except you upgrade to premium.

Final Verdict

I’ve used some data recovery software in the past but this one is simply exceptional, simple user interface, quick scan and deep scan. It will recover all deleted files from your drive that you’ve even forgotten about.
I’ll recommend this software to every IT Professionals, students and anyone who own a device.
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