How to Send a Text from a Computer

Text messages are usually sent from phone to phone, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your laptop or PC when your battery is dead or your smartphone’s not to hand. Here’s how to send text messages from a computer.

The ability to send a text message from a computer is something you probably don’t think about until you need to do it. But it’s easy to set up and, once you have, you’ll probably find you use it more often than you’d think. Being able to text from a laptop might be more convenient if you’re already using that device anyway.
Before we begin, consider that you likely already have some options you can use. If you are a Facebook user, you can send messages to any of your friends by logging into If you use WhatsApp there’s WhatsApp Web. If you’re an iPhone user who also has a Mac you can use the Messages app on your Mac itself, or if you use a Windows PC iPadian might be able to let you access iMessage.
Evidence uncovered by XDA Developers suggests a similar computer-messaging feature for Android, dubbed Android Messages, will be available in the near future.
Email to SMS gateways allow you to send a text message through your regular email client, but in the UK they’re primarily paid services used for bulk marketing messages. A better alternative is to use a free app such as MightyText, which can send texts messages from a PC to a phone.
§  Launch Google Play on your phone, then search for and install MightyText
§  On your computer browser visit in your computer browser
§  Scroll down to step 2 – Run on your computer (or tablet)
§  Select your browser. We’re using Chrome.
§  Click the link to install the MightyText Chrome extension
§  Click the link to launch the MightyText Web App
§  In future you can access the web app from the MightyText icon in your browser bar
§  Click New Message, select a recipient, enter your message and hit the Send icon
Note that the MightyText app required for setup is available only on Android.
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