How to Stop Background Apps From Consuming Your Data & Draining Your Battery

We’ve heard series of complain from mobile users on how background app consumes their data and drains the hell out of their phone battery.

Even though Telcos on the other hand are to be blame for data zapping, you also have a role to play in saving your data and battery life from background app unwanted usage. If your phone battery  drains like hell, then the guide below will guide you through on how to limit background app draining your data.

DataEye: is a simple android app that let you saves your mobile data and phone battery; it allows you to manage your mobile data traffic. So users can see what apps are using their data and turn them on/off accordingly.

DataEye Features
Know Where Your Data Goes: DataEye let you control your mobile data  on an app-by-app basis
Extend Your Battery Life: Unwanted background data drains your phone’s battery. The app simply put you in charge of data usage, hence increasing your phone’s battery life.
Go Global: Data doesn’t stay local, so we make it easy to manage your mobile data, even while roaming.

It is easy to use.

Where Can I Download it?
You can download it here
Install it and open the app… You are good to go.
Let us know if this helps.

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