How to earn while chatting and updating ur status with clustagram

Hello,am here to tell u abt a social network that will pay u for posting pictures,updating ur status,commenting On posts and lots more...
It's all abt Clustagram
Every minutes u spend on clustragram instantly turns into money
I think despite the fact that we keep shouting recession,clustagram  is still making life easy for Nigerians

1. Keep creating a status Post
2. Keep Replying your friend's posts
3. Do not post blank
d. Do not post junk message (that make no sense)
e. Do not try to cheat.
f. Avoid replying posts with same answer.

Example: OK (for all 'post' you read)

Do not post any suspicious links where people have to pay.
If you do, your account will be suspended for 3days and we will reset your balance to N50
Click Here to join clustagram
Clustagram payment system
₦50 when you sign up.
₦10 every month for staying active
₦5 per invite, for inviting your email contacts
₦0.5 for every 1 comments you post
₦0.5 for every 1 status update you post
₦0.2 for every 1 unique advert click
₦0.2 for QUALIFIED pageload/pageview
Abeg fanz dnt dull
All thanks to d Nigerian born British entrepreneur and an internet business mogul Bukola Ogundipe for giving us Clustagram
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