How to Get Airtel 4GB Data For N1500 With Free N2,600 - Works on All Devices

There is nothing strange about what you are about to read, the only strange thing is the requirement involved. 
Airtel network is fast in almost all location and it sucks in some location. 
Everybody wants cheaper internet subscription, unfortunately, what you have maybe too heavy a burden for you to bear. The truth is, you can get Airtel 4GB for N1,500 or 6GB for N2,500 only if you follow the rules of thumb.

The only requirement here is for you to get a new Airtel SIM. Old sim will never work with this. New sim works because you are on ‘Welcome to Airtel’ package which offers 5 times value on every recharge to new, prepaid customers on the network.

How can I get Airtel 4GB for N1,500 & 6GB for N2,500?

Once your new Airtel SIM is active, load N1,500 using this code *555*pin#, you'll be given bonus of N2,600 to call Airtel to Airtel + Free 1GB. Your N1,500 will still be intact and untouched;  you can then subscribe for 3GB by dialing *440*16#.
6GB For N2,500

Load your airtime using the code *555*pin# and you'll also receive the bonus attached (1GB + 500MB)+ free N3,900 to call Airtel to Airtel lines.  Dial *437*1# and 4.5GB will be given to you. Summing it up to 6GB.
Does the bonus Airtime of N2600 + data expire?

Yes, it expires (14 days duration).
Will it work on my device?

Yes, it works on all devices.

Remember, only new Airtel SIMS are eligible for this offer. The tariff on this plan is same as smartCONNET.
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