Google Maps For iOS Finally Gets Spoken Traffic Alerts

Google Maps for iOS got a seemingly small, but extremely helpful feature today in an update. Starting today, you’ll now get spoken traffic alerts while navigating.
The app will tell you about accidents, traffic congestion or other incidents (like police in the area) for your route before you start driving.
If this sounds familiar, it definitely seems like Google is pulling out some of Waze’s best features. I personally use Waze for navigation over Google Maps and of course Apple Maps and I have never gotten along.Google acquired Waze for $1.1 billion in 2013, a number that seems small in comparison to some of the latest acquisitions and funding rounds.
Waze’s app just got a new pretty redesign, leaving me to wonder at times why it doesn’t just flat out replace Google Maps as the flagship navigation service for Google.
The Android version of Google Maps sees more updates than iOS, and it already sports voice navigation and alerts.
Source: Telecrunch
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