FACEBOOK Now Lets You Choose Someone To Manage Your Account After You Die

Facebook has added a new feature today, and it’s already rolling out to accounts in the US. Basically, you can now add a “legacy contact” in the Security section of your account. This will be the digital ‘heir’ to your Facebook presence after you die.

Once someone lets Facebook know that you’ve passed away, the company will ‘memorialize’ the account and starting at this point the legacy contact will be able to do certain things with it.
Namely, the person you designate as the heir to your Facebook presence will be able to change the profile picture and cover photo for your account, as well as respond to friend requests from family members and friends who weren’t previously connected to you on
the service. The legacy contact can also write a special post that will be displayed at the top of the memorialized Timeline – to announce a memorial service, for example.
You can choose to let your legacy contact download an archive of your photos, posts, and profile information. All of your settings will remain as they were while you were alive, however, and this person won’t be able to log in as you or see your private messages. If you don’t want all of this to happen once you’re gone, then you can let Facebook know that you’d prefer to have your account permanently
deleted after your death.
Up until now the company offered a basic memorialized account for people who passed away. This was viewable but couldn’t be managed by anyone, so today’s measures make things more flexible.

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