AIRTEL free browsing on PC AND ANDRIOD

To set the airtel free browsing on PC,
 First make sure your internet modem is well set with Airtel default settings with
Now open your Firefox browser, go to tools
Option >>
Advance >>
Network  >>
Settings >>
Then tick on the Manual proxy configuration and then set the
 Proxy address as and port as 80
then click on the use this proxy server for all protocol box and then save settings. After the above procedure, navigate to general at the top of the popup window, then input as the homepage address.
Once the above procedure is completed, open the homepage address, and input any website you’d wish to visit and start surfing free.
 How to set the Airtel Free Browsing Tweak on Androids:
Go to your mobile network and edit the internet settings , then setup your
proxy address and port with the below:
Proxy address or IP: Port: 80
Then run your OPERA or any browser you’d wish to surf the free browsing and input in your address bar, then you’ll be redirected to a page where you’re to input any website you’d wish to surf, then you’re good to go…..
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