How To Share Data Between Two MTN Sim Cards

The benefits of sharing data is very very comprehensive, sometimes when you subscribe to a data plan, which is excess for your usage, and the expiry date is fast approaching, you have no option than to share the data with your friends and family members so they can benefit from your subscription. If you don’t share and your subscription expires, your remaining data will be wiped off.
Today i will explain how you can set up your password for data share on your MTN line, also how to add beneficiary numbers who are will enjoy your data with you and finally how to active data share to any beneficiary number you’ve added.

Follow the below simple steps to get started and enjoying…
Dial *131# from your phone, Select 2(data share) from the pop up menu, Then select 1(Register Share) from the menu again to register on mtn data share and also create a personal pin for data share.
To share Your data you first need to add beneficiary numbers, beneficiary numbers are the group of numbers you would love them to share your data with you it can rage from one phone number to 5 phone numbers. To add beneficiary dial *131# then select 2(data share) =>> select 2(add beneficiary) =>> Enter the MTN Phone number you wish to add =>> Enter your pin and you are done.
NOTE: If you forget your pin and want to reset it, simply dial 180 and follow the voice prompt.
Now that you have added the beneficiaries that will benefit from your data subscription, it time to activate your beneficiaries and share your data so they can use it with you. To activate any beneficiary number you’ve added, dial *131# then select 2(data share)  select 3(share data) = Enter your 4-digit pin. NOTE: Once you share your data, your beneficiaries will automatically be activated to use your data plan.
Note: You can also delete beneficiaries, change your pin etc..


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