1. First of all Download Dccrap Modem Unlocker Here, Then Unzip the Files to your PC Desktop.
2. Insert another SIM different from the Default Modem Sim into the Modem and Plug to your PC.
3. Run the Dccrap Icon you Unzip to the Desktop.

4. Once the Dccrap Application is Opened, Make sure your Modem is Plugged to your PC with another Sim Card Inserted.

5. Click on the Microscope Icon to Automatically Detected your Modem.

6. After Successful Detection of your Modem, You should See a Result like this Below:-

7. Now click on the Unlocking Option from the List of other Options on the Top Right Hand Side of the Application Window.

Then a Drop-down will Show Up, Just Click on the Unlock and your Modem will be Unlocked Instantly!

Thats All... No Need for Generating any Unlocking Code! Dccrap will get your Unlocking done for you

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